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Ring Size: 11
Main Stone Color: Full Silver
Ships From: United States

This stainless steel ring depicts wolves on both side plates of the ring with a Viking shield etched on the main middle one with bolts and nuts type of illustration as if to say even wolves defend their own kind and comes with a small box.

 A mobile defense was superior to a stationary approach. The same was true in Viking combat. They wielded their shields not only to stop blows, but also to deflect the enemy's sword. That is why shields were so light and rather small. They were adapted to a nimble art of fencing. From Icelandic sagas, we know how Vikings used shields in combat. The idea was to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, just as Mohammed Ali. Hopping and jumping, the warrior danced around and swung the shield with a rhythmic movement.

Metals Type: Stainless Steel

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