Vikings had many a influence on modern times and there are important one that impact our daily lives. Some are more subtle like marks on brands or the the like. Others are more impactful like things that ended up in laws...
The Vikings were worthy adversaries in the before years and have done lots of sailing and pillaging...but what else have they contributed to history and society as a whole years later? Is there anything leftover from there days that can be used...
Who would win - Samurai VS. Viking
Discipline and practice goes head to head with in your face savagery of the most brutal kind. Many people wonder in this day and age which of the two in a collision of brute strength and flawless practice and perfection of the bushido code , which would come out on top?
Vikings are considered by many to be the true explores of their time. they lived such free spirited lives. They looked to meet with new peoples in new lands and make their own maps and markers leading to these places...
It certainly wasn't Columbus who got to America first anymore since we now have evidence of settlements in Canada. Although not considered part of America there tend to have been quite of few people who have "Discovered" the USA first...
Vikings were seen as the strong men of their time of history. this was during a time of gods an beasts as well as other fables and the savagery and strength of a Viking might have just clocked them in at the top. 
Questions like this get asked every so often to see if new information has been dug up to assist in one side becoming a decisive winner over the other but you may see the appeal in keeping it controversial when the conversation itself...
Viking Medicine
Viking medicine had assisted the Viking with getting the maximal effort from their clans and through a series of passed down recipes the figured out many things. They healed, healed trauma pass and even bring those back from what may have been a death sentence back then. 
  The Vikings had expeditions going to various corners of the earth and some of these voyages ended up in folklore and song and others as a words of caution for when their monstrous force comes your way to claim gold. Many famous laid their claim for...
The Viking Mead & History
The alcohol the Vikings use to drink during those turbulent times were vast but a few ones tuck out as commonly consumed. The start of the when it began gave rise to commonly used recipes to make them. Once you get past the definition and what the starting ingredients its time to start being adventurous. 
Norse Leadership
Vikings had a social hierarchy most similar to clans that walked the earth during similar times. There were chieftains that decided whether they would go to war with rival clans or join forces to storm and raid a larger common enemy for plunder....
Do Vikings still exist today?
Vikings walked the earth  from A.D. 800 to the 11th century. Many Scandinavians started their life by leaving their homeland in search of fortune and a way to provide for their family. They question posited now is are they still among us?
There was a period of time when it was though the Vikings and other Norsemen had a geographical disadvantage to finding new lands to visit and conquer."The discovery of a silver ring with an Arabic inscription in a Viking grave has added credence to the ancient accounts of Arab travellers in their encounters with the Norsemen, and points to a fascinating trade and cultural exchange.
Viking War
The Viking developed numerous tactics and strategies to deal with better equipped enemies and larger number in the enemy formations. A few of there ideas had taken their toll on their enemies and kept them in fear.
Viking Strategy
The old Vikings had many ways to teach their young without the actual experience of war when the children were still learning and kept from most dangers of the world.
The Old Norse
Vikings had the necessity to learn Old Norse as both a way to communicate early on and establish what they were talking about, like referencing an object with the first three syllables and more often then not it had a future  participation to other languages some of which are also included.
The Viking Diet
The Viking Age had so many things to worry about from finding supplies and wars and where to expand to as well as always needing resources as such as food.
The Viking Hunt
Anything the Vikings found was fair game. They hunted anything they could find. There are even tales of the Norse trailing whales back into land before completing their hunt so strategy was of their highest point as well as their weapons. 
The Coming of A Teen Viking
When a a Norse child had reached 16 winters they were seen as full functioning adults. Females became adults at a young age, 12 years old, and were allowed to seek marriage. Strange enough Kittens from the spouse were given...
Norse beginnings....
Many knew the Vikings to be savage, murderous and unstable in battle but few knew how it all began...It all started in one of their camps.
God of war, one of the Best Norse Mythology Inspired Game. HANDS DOWN!
Caution: this article contains minor spoilers for God of War.   Norse mythology develops ever greater in pop-culture. Parcels of individuals these days are recognizable with Marvel's captivating, galactic form of it, with parcels of jests and the periodic outsider made of rocks. God of War goes a somewhat diverse course, making a blood-spattered, obscurely broken world more associated to the real myths that Norse-freaks like myself cherish passionately. In this most current installment of the arrangement, our...