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Metal Color: Antique Copper Plated
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This bound leather bracelet takes inspiration from the Viking bracers worn in combat, and it comes complete with Freya's Pentagram on Yggdrasil charm plate. Bracers were mostly used by archers to protect their forearm from the bowstring, but were also often worn by warriors to support and protect their wrists, a weak joint that if failed would easily mean doom on the battlefield. This leather bracelet can be easily worn and adjusted via a clasp on the back of the bracelet, and is available in several leather and metal colors.

The Goddess of love, beauty, and treasures, Freya, is an honorary member of the Aesir. Coming from the Vanir tribe of deities, Freya brought the art of seidr, an organized form of Norse magic, to the Aesir Gods and from them it was latter passed on to humans. Being controlling and manipulative, Freya is renowned for as one of the most powerful and influential Aesir despite not having much authority or skill in battle. Her knowledge coupled with the art of seidr makes her the prime patron of the pre-Christian Norse magic and shamanism.

Product Size: Adjustable, 10.63" (27cm) Long and 1.57" (4cm) Wide
Material: Leather, Zinc Alloy
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