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Metal Color: Mix Gold
Ships From: United States
Length: 70cm- 27.5inches

The Vegvisvir scripture is emblazoned upon this stainless steel amulet with a celtic knot-esque borderthat comes in a few variants to your liking. Although Loki aligns himself with the gods of Asgard and often proves himself helpful, he and his children are the central antagonists of the gods at Ragnarök. Loki mates with the giantess Angrboda ("she who offers sorrow"), who gives birth to the wolf Fenrir, the serpent Jörmungandr, and the jötunn Hel, keeping all three with her in Jotunheim. Odin hears of Loki’s children through a prophecy that they will one day cause the gods great trouble and has them taken from their mother.

Pendant Size: 38*45mm

Metals Type: Stainless steel

Material: Metal

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