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Metal Color: Raven style
Ships From: United States
Length: 70cm

The intelligent Raven or the Savage Wolf? before choosing on of them ask yourself this question and see which you prefer more to be closer to in spirit. Among the Norse, to see a wolf and raven together was a good omen for success in an upcoming battle. The Cree use the relationship between wolves and ravens to explain the creation of the earth: “When all the land was covered with water, the trickster Wisagatcak pulled up some trees and made a raft. On it, he collected many kinds of animals swimming in the waters. The Raven left the raft, flying for a whole day, and saw no land, so Wisagatcak called Wolf to help. 

Metals Type: Stainless steel

Chain Type: Link Chain

Item Type: Necklaces

Pendant Size: 67*24mm

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