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This Viking drinking mug is the default for all designs that tavern hoppers happen upon while on their weary travels.

Upon Thor’s arrival, the jötunn slaughtered two of his large bulls for his guest and was irritated when Thor consumed both of them in one sitting to satiate his legendary hunger. This led to the irked giant declaring that the duo would need to go fishing to arrange for the next day’s meal. In the morning, Hymir sent Thor to procure bait for their hooks. Thor was quick to accomplish the task by simply going to Hymir’s pastures and slaughtering one of his largest remaining bulls. The jötunn was further agitated at the rash and simple Æsir God. He hoped that Thor’s strength would be more useful in the fishing expedition.

Material: Metal

Item Type: Drinking Mug

Wooden Barrel Drinking Mug + Insulated+ THORS HAMMER BOTTLE OPENER

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