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Metal Color: Stainless steel
Ships From: United States
Length: 19cm

These stainless steel beads are another variant of the scalped idea that utilize the beads for an added layer of to style or pray through. The Norse universe consists of nine worlds. These worlds are only referenced a few times throughout the myths and are not specified, but are thought to be (in no particular order) Asgard, Vanaheimr (Vanaheim), Jötunheimr (Jotunheim), Niflheim, Muspelheim, Álfheimr (Alfheim), Svartálfaheimr (Svartalfheim), Niðavellir (Nidavellir), and Miðgarðr (Midgard) – which is our world.  

Shape\pattern: Animal

Metals Type: Stainless steel

Material: Metal

Clasp Type: Easy-hook

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