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Color: white
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Size: photo style

A variety of different thermal mugs for your caffeinated pleasure...or whatever else you may keep in them!

As the duo was fishing they managed to catch two large whales but, instead of returning, Thor began to row the boat further into the sea. Hymir was terrified and warned Thor that the giant Midgard serpent Jörmungandr lurked under the waters ahead. Thor was however unperturbed hoping for an encounter with his arch-nemesis, he dropped the oars and cast his line into the water. After a period of silence, luck shined on the God of thunder and he felt a mighty tug on the line. Thor pulled hard and the boat shook violently to the dismay of a terrified Hymir. Thor persisted with his feet planted firmly, soon the boat planks were giving way and the ship was flooding with water. Finally, the serpent’s head emerged out of the water with the hook in his venom-dripping mouth.

Material: Metal

L X W : 17.5CM X 8.5CM

Item Type: Thermal Mug

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