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Metal Color: Silver
Length: 60cm

Dragon Longboat made with stainless steel. This pendant shows the Valknut in the middle of the boat and comes in mixed-gold or silver. Also comes with a free Viking wooden Gift box. 

Viking Ship

Symbol of power, determination, skill

The Vikings were one of the first Norsemen to travel and conquer parts of Europe. They were able to do this with their longships. Longships were made to be rowed or used with a sail. They stood up to the ocean and were important in wars. They could sail in both small streams and oceans and could be used to outpace their enemies. The curled front of the ship made many Europeans call them dragon ships. These were not large ships but were more like boats. Still, the Vikings used them to conquer Europe and sail to North America. Vikings would often be buried in their longships so they could be used in the afterlife.


Symbol of bravery, courage, afterlife, destiny

The Valknut is a symbol of slain Viking warriors. There were three places a Viking could go when they died. They could end up in Hel which is what it sounds like. Hel is ruled by the goddess Hel and is a dark place that had a large feasting table. Warriors did not want to end up in Hel. People who die of disease or old age ended up in Hel. Another destination was Helgafjell which was a holy mountain where people lived a life similar to the ones they lived on earth.

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