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Meaning path, this rustic and down-to-earth seeming necklace has more to it than meets the eye with the markings and the artistic nature and placement of the other additions.  Like other world religions, Viking paganism included an apocalyptic vision predicting that the existing world will be destroyed by cosmic forces and characters and would then be reborn into a new, more perfect age. This scenario is most vividly brought to life in a 10th to an 11th-century poem called Voluspa (‘The Prophesy of the Seeress’), possibly developed from a series of dreams experienced by a real-life wise woman. As horror overwhelms the world, causing it to freeze and wither, gods, monsters, and giants engage in cosmic battle until even Odin and the sun itself are vanquished. However, the poem ends with the optimistic promise of a new world rising from the old ruins – a powerful and haunting tale.

Metals Type: Stainless Steel

Chain Type: Link Chain

Pendant Size: 27*32mm

Clasp Size :3.5mm

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