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Ring size: 5 US

For the spiritual lone hunter in you, this sterling silver showpiece was designed with an alpha mindset hence the wolf front and center with the brick tapestry behind as the predator drapes the knife at the ready. Besides the veteran wolf on display, the band doesn't fall far behind with the border clear Viking inspired with simple nordic technique across the canvas left over. Volund is a princely goldsmith who fashions exquisite rings. In the romantic yet melancholy opening, he falls in love with a spirited valkyrie, who comes to him in the form of a swan maiden. However, after a brief marriage, she abandons him and returns to work on the battlefields, gathering up slain warriors to be honored by Odin. As he grieves over his loss, Volund is abducted by an enemy king who imprisons him in an island smithy for refusing to marry his daughter. The hero’s revenge is to murder the girl’s brothers and fashion their body parts into grisly jewelry, which he presents to his unwitting captors. In a final twist, he forges himself some golden wings and flies away to resume the search for his lost wife.

Metals Type: Silver

Metal Stamp: 925,Sterling

Item Weight: 12 g

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