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Metal Color: Style 1
Main Stone Color: with box
Ships From|Length: United States|70cm

This stainless steel interpratation is split into a few splintered designs culminating in different celabrated ways for thors hammer.An account of the origin of Mjǫllnir is found in Skáldskaparmál from Snorri's Edda: In this story, Loki bets his head with Sindri (or Eitri) and his brother Brokkr that they could never succeed in making items more beautiful than those of the Sons of Ívaldi (the dvergar who created other precious items for the gods: Óðinn's spear Gungnir and Freyr's foldable boat Skíðblaðnir).

Pendant Size: 35*60mm

Necklace Type: Pendant Necklaces

Metals Type: Stainless steel

Chain Type: Link Chain

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