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Ring Size: 12.5
Ships From: TURKEY

This onyx-colored ring seems to be more reserved for quiet events and oozes a different sense of style apparent from the side of the item with details almost in a broken mirror in the manner it was done. The gemstone holds a deeper meaning than the rest of the ring giving signals of depth, courage, and a means to defy the social norms by standing out with a black-colored one in the first place. Among the more famous myths regarding Thor is of his encounter with Útgarða-Loki (Loki of the chaotic, wild). Once while traveling with Loki and his two newly acquired servants (Thjalfi and Röskva), Thor crossed an ocean and a vast forest in an attempt to reach Jötunheimr (realm of the Jötnar). One night as the four were seeking shelter, they came across a large hall and decided to rest there. They were however soon awakened by a great earthquake, and rushed out to discover a huge sleeping jötunn (a type of a giant race) whose snores were shaking the very earth. Thor used his hammer to finish off the jötunn, but the blow seemed to have no impact other than just waking him up. The jötunn introduced himself as Skrymir (boaster) and picked up his glove which to everyone’s amazement, was the hall the group was sleeping in. Skrymir then offered to accompany the group in their journey, which Thor accepted.

Metals Type: Silver

Main Stone: onyx

Item Weight: 16 g

Stone class: Tiger Eye

Average weight: 9,5G

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