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Ring size: 7 US

This Sterling silver piece will capture the attention of anyone looking for an elegant ring adorned with the most artistic and heavily curated designs on this side of the space. A very high attention span ring that has fantastic punctures on either side flanking the ring revealing the gemstone for all to see. The sons of Ivaldi not only crafted an exquisite headpiece for Sif but made other gifts for the Gods as well. These included the foldable ship Skiðblaðnir for Freyr (God of prosperity, peace and kingship) and the spear Gungnir for Odin (leader of Æsir Gods). Though his task was complete, the mischief-maker in Loki wondered what else he may extract out of the talented dwarfs. He thus approached the brothers Brokk and Sindri (or Eitri) and bet his own head that the craftsmen could not better the work of Ivaldi’s sons. Taking the challenge, Sindri was first on the job, and despite being bitten by a fly on his hand he managed to create the Gullinbursti for Freyr, an exquisite golden boar who was faster than any horse apart from Odin’s Sleipnir. Brokk then created another perfect item despite the fly biting his neck, the golden ring Draupnir for Odin, which created eight new rings of gold every nine nights. Finally, Brokk began to work on the Mjölnir for Thor, a great battle hammer that never missed its target and flew back to its owner’s hand after it made it’s hit. This time Brokk was bitten on his eyelid, and being blinded by the sting the dwarf made the hammer’s handle slightly short to be considered perfect

Metals Type: Silver

Metal Stamp: 925,Sterling

Main Stone: Zircon

Item Weight: 15.5g

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