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Forged in Valhalla


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Made from Hawaiian Koa Wood and Abalone Shell Tungsten Carbide this ring is sure to strengthen your connection with someone special.

Norse marriage was pretty unique in Europe for its time, because it was suggested (but not always necessary) that the bride consent to both her future husband and their union. Both bride and groom brought a dowry to the wedding– the bride’s was called, ‘heimanfylgja‘ and the groom’s was called, ‘mundr.’ These dowries didn’t go to the families of the betrothed but to the couple themselves. It was sort of a starter kit for the family they were starting. The family would need tools for farming, weapons for protecting their land and raiding, clothes and blankets for their children, and livestock. They were expected to depend on one another in this marriage, and this was their family’s way of assuring the other couple that they could do so.

Metals Type: TUNGSTEN
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