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Metal Color: Silver
Ships From: United States
Length: 18cm 7 in

This stainless steel bracelet has repeated skulls cloistered together in a consecutive fashion as if stating your choice of accessories in a firm tone. The castle was massive and no one had seen such a castle before. The gates were shut but the four travelers realized that they were small enough to squeeze through the gate bars. Once inside, the group walked into a dining hall filled with large-sized people, the gathering presided by none other than the jötunn Útgarða-Loki. The giant was quick to recognize his new guests and mocked them for their diminutive size while challenging them to prove their worth. Loki (not Útgarða-Loki) was the first to accept claiming that no one can eat faster than himself and thus setting up his competition with someone named Logi. A trough of meat was set before the contestants, who were on either side. The objective was to consume the meat and reach the center first. Both the contestants managed to reach the center at the same time but Logi has eaten the meat, the bones, and even the trough itself, thereby defeating Loki.

Metals Type: Stainless Steel

Length of Bangle:have 18cm,20cm,22cm,24cm


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