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Ring Size: 12.5
Ships From: TURKEY
Gem Color: Green

This ring is more representative of the shaman sages that encompass every Norse tale where they tell of forthcoming good and bad omens. This Seagrass ring is made with simplicity in mind but not lacking in gloss or shine. its magnificent stone is bordered by 1 cm splits rouned around its exterior and with a spear lance design originating from the bottom of the sterling silver band nearing the main stone. Loki was then taken, in his regular form, to a cave. The gods then brought in Loki’s two sons and turned one into a wolf, who promptly killed his brother, strewing his entrails across the cave floor. Loki was then fastened to three rocks in the cave with the entrails of his slain son, which the gods had turned into iron chains. Skadi placed a poisonous snake on a rock above his head, where it dripped venom onto his face. But Loki’s faithful wife, Sigyn, sat by his side with a bowl that she held up to the snake’s mouth to catch the poison. But every so often, the bowl became full, and Sigyn would have to leave her husband’s side to dispose of its contents, at which point the drops that fell onto the unrepentant god’s face would cause him to shake violently, which brought about earthquakes in Midgard, the world of humanity. And this was the lot of Loki and Sigyn until, as fated, Loki will break free from his chains at Ragnarok to assist the giants in destroying the cosmos.

Metals Type: Silver

Metal Stamp: 925,Sterling

Main Stone: Zircon

Stone Grade: Zircon Stone

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