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Color: H606 Orange
Size: XL 80cm x 148cm

This Wayfinder sigil under a forest can turn heads in any room it is put in any color. Life is a forest and when you can finally see the trees you may be able to see what's up ahead.

Landvættir (nature spirits) are chthonic guardians of specific grounds, such as wild places or farms. When Vikings approached land, they reportedly removed their carved dragon heads from the bows of their longships so as not to frighten and thus provoke the landvættir to attack and thereby incur bad luck from them. Icelandic culture continues to celebrate the supernatural protection over the island and four landvættr can still be seen in the Icelandic coat-of-arms: a troll-bull, troll-eagle, dragon, and handsome giant. The troll-animals are actually jötunn who shape shifted into the form (and mentality) of an animal and such animals are supernaturally strong.

Material: Vinyl

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