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Ring size: 5 US

This exceptionally fine ring has a Zircon deep jet black color with a generous amount of side art for the flanks of the band to this sterling silver item. With four smaller cornerstones, it's a first-class design from any angle or occasion.

Ask and Embla are the first humans – male and female, respectively – to be created in Norse mythology.

The story of how they were created, as it has come down to us in Old Norse literature, goes like this:

Not too long after the world itself was created, Odin was walking along the coast of one of the new landmasses. With him were two other gods: in one version, these were his brothers Vili and Ve, and in another version, they were the obscure figures Hoenir and Lodurr.

Metals Type: Silver

Metal Stamp: 925,Sterling

Stone Grade: Mystic Zircon

Main Stone: Zircon

Item Weight: 15 g

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