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Ring Size: 13
Main Stone Color: Silver

Stainless steel wolf head ring. The Wolf is a Norse monster called Fenrir, the bringer of Ragnorok, or the end of the world. The sides of the rings are the Runic alphabet meant to protect you. Comes in many sizes!


Fenrir is the son of Loki and a giantess. He was a large wolf who would not stop growing and who was uncontrollable, even by the gods. Dwarfs fashioned a chain to keep Fenrir under control. According to myth Fenrir is still chained and plots his revenge for being contained. At the dawn of Ragnarok Fenrir will break free and eat the moon and the sun. He will also kill Odin. Fenrir is a symbol of destructive forces. He is something that cannot be contained and will wreak havoc upon the earth.


Wolves Symbol

Symbol of protection, loyalty, destruction, savagery


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