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This Runic Warden/ward is seen in this clover shape akin to a fossil, with the engravings marked in to appeal to more primal urge to fashion. According to a poem called Harbarthsljoth, Thor was once involved in a match of abuse against his father Odin, who was possibly playing a prank on him or testing him, or simply punishing him. It so happened that while retuning to Asgard (realm of the Gods) from a journey in Jötunheimr (realm of the Jötnar), Thor came across a river inlet and called for the grey-bearded ferryman across the river to ferry him. The ferryman, who calls himself Hárbarðr (Odin in disguise) is immediately rude and obnoxious, inciting the God of Thunder. Thor, who is simple of nature vis-a-vie a more witty and crafty Odin initially holds his tongue. But Odin only becomes more aggressive and soon they are into a flyting match (verbal abusive battle) where Odin calls Thor a poor peasant without pants and refuses to ferry him. He goes on further to accuse Sif (Thor’s wife) of infidelity and calling Thor a cuckold. All the while, Harbard compliments his own sexual prowess, bravery and magic while questioning Thor’s own worth, finally asking Thor to “go where the fiends will get you.” Thor is seen on the weaker ground in the contest, he appears shocked and is unable to oppose with witty retorts, but he nonetheless calls Harbard variously a peasant, a pervert, and a man-ling, ending with “I’ll reward you for refusing to ferry me, if we ever meet again.”

Metals Type: Stainless Steel

Chain Type: Link Chain

Item Type: Necklaces

Pendant Size: 40*18mm

clasp Size:3.5mm 

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