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Metal Color: Red 2
Ships From: United States
Length: 19cm 7.4in

A cotton bracelet with stainless steel axe and runic beads around it. The Cotton is for comfortable wear while the Runes provide protection and victory for the wearer. Comes in a few size and different color. Please measure your wrist before making a purchase! You can take a look at the measurement picture for more accurate information.

Each rune meant a particular letter, as well as covered a special meaning (the word “rune” means ‘secret’). Each Norse rune, as well as any letter, denoted a particular phonetic sound. The difference was each rune had also a special, unique meaning.

Viking Axe

Symbol of strength, bravery

The Viking Axe was used on fields of battle by Viking warriors. The axe was shaped differently than axes in use today. The Vikings preferred their axes to be easy to make and use. The more axes they had the more weapons they had to fight with. The Viking axe had a single cutting edge. The bottom of the blade could be hooked shaped which helped grip in battle. The axe represents strength and bravery.

Material: Leather, Stainless Steel 
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