RAVENS FLIGHT Embroidered Beanie

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Color: Red

Take this Raven's flight beanie for when you need to be on the go with the smarts to do so.
Perhaps the first link between the Norse people and ravens was their survival traits. Early Norse people were hunter/gatherers, while ravens were carrion feeders. A clever raven might trail a hunter, and when the hunt was successful, invite itself to the feast. Likewise, a hungry hunter might notice a raven circling in the sky and follow it to a ready meal. In this way, a primitive bond formed between the Norse people and ravens.

• 60% cotton, 40% acrylic
• Breathable cotton blend
• Form-fitting shape
• One size fits most


Size guide

  A B C D
One size (inches) 17 ⅜-17 ⅞ 8 ⅛ 2 ½ 8 ¼
  A B C D
One size (cm) 44-45.5 20.5 6.5 20.8