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Length: 50cm- 20inches

This hammer piece has a ravenous raven face embedded into it with a vivid design. Given the average life expectancy of 40-45 in the Viking Age, it was important that early on, children could help and carry out the work of an adult. In northern Europe, it's speculated that the M1CR mutation was brought to the mainland from the Viking raiders of Norway. The greatest concentration of red hair is found in Scotland and Ireland, and the coastal areas where the Vikings settled show the highest number of gingers.

It comes with a Keel chain, Real leather rope, a black gift bag, and a Wooden Viking gift box!

Metals Type: Silver

Metal Stamp: 925,Sterling

Certificate Type: NGSTC

Pendant Size: 31*38*7mm

Hole size: 4mm

Weight: 26.37gram

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