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This pendant has Odin, his 2 Crows, Huginn and Muninn, &The Vegvisir. All on Thors hammer, the Mjolnir. Odin was the God of Gods trying to stop Ragnarok, his two birds are his watchers and companions. They observe and watch everything then report back to Odin. The Vegvisir, is a Viking compass said to help you find your way even in the darkest hour physically or mentally. And last is Thors hammer, one of the strongest weapons in Norse mythology, each hit is like a nuke of Thunder and lighting!

This Pendant is made to protect you and watch over as if Odin himself is keeping you safe!


Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer)

Symbol of power, protection, blessing

Thor was the god of war and thunder. Whenever Vikings heard thunder they knew Thor had used his hammer. Thor’s hammer could kill gods and bring down mountains. It was crafted by dwarves who said it would never fail and always return to Thor whenever he threw it. Mjolnir could also bring things back to life. If Thor’s goats that he used to pull his chariot died, all Thor needed was to save their skin and bones and he could use Mjolnir to bring them back to life. Mjolnir was used to bless births, marriages, and funerals. Vikings made amulets out of Mjolnir to wear as protection from storms.


Vegvisir (Viking compass)

Symbol of guidance, maintaining course, protection

The Vegvisir, or Viking compass, has eight different arms and was used as a protection spell from getting lost. It is composed of magical rune staves numbering eight in all. The Galdrabok, a book of spells, mentions the Viking compass as a symbol that was drawn in blood and was a symbol of protection. Each of the staves of the Viking compass represents a direction.


Odin’s Ravens

Symbol of wisdom, carnage

Odin had twin ravens named Hugin and Munin. Well before the Vikings, there were depictions of Odin with his ravens on brooches, amulets, and helmets. If someone saw a raven after making a sacrifice to Odin it meant that their sacrifice was acceptable. Ravens were often seen near battlefields. They are carrions who feed on the flesh of the dead. Because dead warriors were taken to Valhalla the association between Ravens and Odin was created.

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