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Metal Color: Style 1
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Length: 70cm

This vintage cross is adorned with style from a more war-torn time of Vikings and uneasiness. This stainless steel item is considered swag stolen for its monetary value than its artistic ramifications. The neo-pagan religion of Asatru has revived Norse religious beliefs and practices and, in Iceland and Denmark, is the fastest-growing religion. The faith claims to represent "the old ways" as closely as possible and emphasizes respect for the earth and invisible entities as well as one’s ancestors and traditions. One of the harbingers of Ragnarök was drastic climate change followed by a breakdown of traditional customs and relationships, and Asatru has called attention to these same problems in the modern age resulting from too great a focus on individual profit and comfort at the expense of the communal – global – good. Asatru seeks to create the kind of balance encouraged by Norse mythology by removing it from the realm of "myth" and returning it to an active faith in which gods, spirits, and humans work together in harmony to maintain order and celebrate the earth and all its inhabitants, both seen and unseen.

Pendant Size: 34*63mm

Metals Type: Stainless Steel

Material: Metal

Clasp Hole Size:4.5mm

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