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Ring Size: 7
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This stainless steel rendition of the Norse alphabet is etched on a patterned ring resembling an ancient tablet but for wearable use. The next day, not much work was completed. When the builder realized that the job was not going to be completed on time, he fell into a giant rage, verbally abusing the gods for their trickery. The Æsir could see now that the builder was a giant in disguise, and they revoked their oaths and called upon Þór to pay the giant his wages. But instead of Freyja, the sun, and the moon, Þór paid off the giant with a blow from his hammer Mjóllnir, shattering the giant's skull into fragments and sending him down to Niflhel.

Surface Width: 10mm

Metals Type: Stainless Steel

Material: Metal

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