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Ring size: 5 US

This stone onyx ring has a glossy black finish for the main stone. a wear border and band create the ancient elder look becoming of those that have been around for a while. The sidebands promote a blossoming entity rising towards the main stone. Sometime after the death of Baldr, many of the gods went to Ægir's hall on the island of Hlesey for a feast. Using his enormous kettle, Ægir brewed oceans of ale for his guests. Many of the Æsir were present, including Loki. Horns were kept full of ale, and the hall was filled with great peace. Loki couldn't stand the praise being heaped on Ægir's servant, Fimafengr, and killed him. The outraged Æsir took up their arms and chased Loki out of the hall into the surrounding forest. Eventually, the gods returned to the hall and resumed their places. Outside, Loki quarreled with Eldir, another servant, for re-admittance to the hall, promising that before the end of the feast, he'd blend the gods' mead with malice. As Loki entered the hall, the conversation stopped, and the hall fell silent. Told that he was not welcome, Loki reminded Óðin of his promise, made when the two became blood-brothers: to drink only if a drink was brought to both.

Metals Type: Silver

Metal Stamp: 925,Sterling

Main Stone: onyx

Item Weight: 15 g

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