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Ring Size: 8
Main Stone Color: Full black
Ships From: United States

These Stainless steel finger rings are presented as rough, lived through and seen battle rings. the nature of these designs is to capture the cultural magnificence of how how day to day Vikings lived with accessories and how they often looked as well as the cracks and age showing and being equated to days lived and knowledge of our world.

We have the Vikings to thank for our present understanding not only of their own pre-Christian religion and mythology, but of that of the other Germanic peoples as well. Thanks to the Old Norse poems, treatises, and sagas that were written during or relatively soon after the Viking Age, we have a much, much fuller picture of what the Vikings’ religion was like (despite the many unfortunate holes that nevertheless remain in that picture) than we do for the religions of any of the other pre-Christian Germanic peoples. But from the little that we do know about those religions directly, they seem to have been variations on common themes that were also shared by the Norse, so we can use the Norse sources to help us reconstruct those hoary religions, too.

Surface Width: 10mm

Size :US 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Metals Type: Stainless steel

Material: Metal

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