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Metal Color: Style 1
Ships From: United States
Length: 50cm- 20inches

This stainless steel pendant is reminiscent of the churches that Vikings raided. capturing the horror are two hands clasped over a crucifix to pray over finding the safety. one of the spoils of a raid that Vikings would likely find to trade or sell for livestock and food. In Norse mythology, Hrungnir (translated as “brawler” or “strong man”) is a jötunn (a type of giant race) who is described to be very large and made of stone. Once while Odin (leader of Æsir Gods) was riding his horse Sleipnir in the realm of Jötunheim, he came across Hrungnir, who was mounted on his horse Gullfaxi. The two engaged in a verbal spat over the fineness of their own horses which finally resulted in a bet to establish their claims, a race between the two to Asgard. The race was close and Odin was the winner but unknowingly he had given access of Asgard to a jötunn. When Odin invited Hrungnir for a drink, the intoxicated jötunn threatens to kill all the Gods except Freyja (Odin’s wife) and Sif (Thor’s wife), whom he intended to take home with him to Jötunheim. This was an insult that angered the Gods and Thor was called upon to remove the unwanted guest.

Necklace Type: Pendant Necklaces

Metals Type: Stainless Steel

Size Style :35*68mm(with Clasp)

Clasp Hole Size:5mm

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