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A variety of bangles from Celtic knots to Yggdrasil. Get cuffed up with these artistic designs. The second competition was a race between Thor’s swift servant Thjalfi and Hugi, where Thor’s companion was clearly of no match despite his commendable effort. Finally, it is the turn of Thor who claimed that no one could drink faster than him. He was thus handed a horn full of drink with Útgarða-Loki claiming that the one who could finish the horn in one go was considered a great drinker, one who could do it in two was considered fair, but no one in the gathering was poor enough to do it in three. Thor took a giant gulp and failed, he took another and failed yet again, finally giving up. Útgarða-Loki then challenged Thor to just lift his cat and Thor was found wanting again, only managing to lift its paw. Finally, Thor put up a challenge for a wrestling match. This time Útgarða-Loki called upon his old nurse Elli for the challenge. As the two wrestled Thor discovered that the more he tried the harder the battle would become, finally being brought down to one knee. After being humiliated in all the challenges Thor and his companions were treated hospitably and shown off to their rooms to retire for the night.

Plating: Antique Silver Plated

Metals Type: Stainless Steel

Length of Bangle:about 16.5-17cm

Wide of Bangle:14mm

Bangle inside diameter size:63*50mm

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