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This pitch-black emergency kit is used primarily for those who are well-traveled and is supplemented by a resourceful supply kit. The size of Viking axes varied, usually from one to five feet long. The size and thickness of the blade also varied. Dane axes used to have a thin blade profile with a significant, curving cutting edge, which made them excellent at cutting through leather armor and inflicting severe wounds. On the other hand, bearded axes were thicker and heavier, which made them a good choice for heavy-duty tasks such as wood-cutting and splitting, but which also helped them deliver powerful crushing blows against an enemy.

Weight: 1kg

Type: Multifunctional Axe

Overall Length: 17inch /43.18

Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy

Total Length: Approx. 16.93" / 1.41ft / 430mm

Ax Weight: Approx. 2.93 lbs / 0.93 kg

Axe Head Type: Single-bit

Axe Head Material: High Carbon Steel

Package including:

1 x ax

1 * Case

1x 2 in 1 whistle

1 x Fish Scale Tool

2 x Extension Pole

1 * Safety Hammer

1 * hand rope

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