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Ships From: USA
Color: SE925HMU
Capacity: 380-440ml

This was made used ethically sourced Buffalo Horn, painstakingly selected for appearance, durability, color pattern and shape. An elated Thyrmr lays out a feast to welcome his new bride, where Thor eats and drinks ferociously arousing the suspicion of Thyrmr and the guests. Loki (the maid) is however up to the task and explains that Freyja has not eaten for several days in her eagerness to marry Thyrmr. Then Thyrmr lifts the veil to kiss his bride and is shocked to see terrifying burning eyes staring back at him. Loki jumps to Thor’s rescue yet again and explains that Freyja has not slept for eight days in her eagerness to meet her new husband. Thyrmr is bluffed again and finally calls for his bridal gift for Freyja, the Mjölnir as he had promised. Thor laughs internally when he sees his hammer, takes hold of it and strikes and kills Thyrmr and his guests, thus reclaiming his weapon.

Shape: Handgrip

Raw-Material: Ox Buffalo Horn

Height: 15CM

Drinkware Type: Mugs

Capacity: 350ml~440ml

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