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Color: withhornstand
Capacity: 400ml-450ml

This buffalo horn mug comes at the behest of the Viking principal that they must have their mead. And the most Viking way to do that it to get you some buffalos horn but we've made the process easier since you don't have to hunt it yourself now. Havamal (Sayings of the High One) is a long poem that may have once been four different poems. It is words ascribed to Odin himself. The chief of gods reveals much about his nature and abilities but spends most of the poem giving the listener down-to-earth advice. Because of its format, Havamal is sometimes referred to as the Vikings’ “Book of Proverbs” and strikes many modern people as a sort of “Viking scriptures.” Havamal offers a fascinating view of Viking ethics and ethos and gives the reader more wisdom with each reading. 

Material: Buffalo Horn

Height: 30CM

Drinkware Type: Mugs

Capacity: 400-600ml

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