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Metal Color: Full Silver
Ships From: United States
Length: Adjustable

This pendant is set to resemble the moon with Celtic knots and swirls inscribe upon it to flesh out the crescent shape. Celtic knotwork is more symmetrical, denser, and abstract. Also, the knots used by Celts include abstractions of vegetation like trees, ivy, or mistletoe. The Viking knots often incorporate animal figures such as dragon heads. One of the most used Viking knotwork forms is the Valknut or the Knot of the Slain. The eight Celtic knots are the Celtic cross, Trinity knot, Celtic love knot, Spiral knot, Dara knot, Celtic shield knot, Solomon's knot, and the Celtic sailor's knot. The explanations on these Celtic knot meanings below are from Irish Around the World.

Metals Type: Stainless steel

Pendant Size: 35*35*5mm

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