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Metal Color: Mix Gold 1
Ships From: United States
Length: 70cm- 27.5inches

This representation sees Mjolnir in a more compact size similar to Viking beard beads in stainless steel with an arrow pointing upward imprinted on a rune bead. Loki was so pleased that he declared the sons of Ivald the most clever of smiths. The two dwarf brothers Brokk and Eitri overheard. Brokk wagered Loki that Eitri could make three items that surpassed the three that Loki held. Loki agreed to the wager, with the stakes being the loser's head. Brokk worked the bellows while Eitri worked the forge. Eitri reminded Brokk that the bellows must be worked continuously without interruption to ensure success. While Brokk pumped, Loki changed into a fly and tormented Brokk in attempt to force him to stop, and thus ruin the piece. Brokk was able to resist Loki's torments while Eitri made Gullin-börsti, the enormously fast golden boar for Freyr, and while Eitri made Draupnir, the gold arm ring for Óðin that drops eight similar rings every ninth night.

Metals Type: Stainless Steel

Necklace Type : Rune bead and pendant

Material: Metal

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