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Ring size: 6 US
Gemstone: Turquoise

This conspicuous ring seems to coil itself around the Onyx main stone. The border of the stone hooks into it with hook-like strength as the bottom portion of the band pivots outwards into two before co-joining back to form their own loops. Leaving the chariot and goats behind, the four travelers, Þór, Loki, Þjálfi, and Röskva, left on foot towards Útgarð. Coming to the sea separating Miðgarð from Útgarð, the travelers found a boat, which they used to cross to the other side. They continued on foot through the forest until evening. Þjálfi, the fastest of runners, went in advance of the other three, searching for lodgings, but none could be found. Together, they came to a curious hall. The entrance was as wide and as tall as the entire building. Inside, it was so dark and the hall so large that they could not see the far end of the hall. Nevertheless, they decided to take shelter there for the night. At midnight, the travelers were startled awake by an earthquake, and by groaning and rumbling noises from the outside. They withdrew further into the hall, finding that the hall split into a large room off to one side, and four smaller rooms continuing straight ahead. Þór stood guard at the entrance to the largest of the five rooms, while the others spent the night at the far end of the room in fear.

Metals Type: Silver

Metal Stamp: 925,Sterling

Main Stone: onyx

Item Weight: 14 G

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