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Metal Color: Steel color
Ships From: United States
Length: 70cm

This depiction is one of a wolf in his territory hunting. The trees stand out against the wolf on this stainless steel rendition of a necklace. In addition to the Jötnar, are the Ljósálfar (Light Elves) who live in Alfheim and the Dökkálfar (Dark Elves) who live in Svartalfheim. Little is known about the Light Elves, but “Dark Elves” may be another name for the Dwarfs, who also live in Svartalfheim. The Dwarfs are said to have been made from the maggots that ate Ymir’s dead flesh and live underground in the darkness. This portrayal of the Dwarfs is not particularly flattering, but what they lack in beauty, they make up for in their skill in blacksmithing and crafting.

Pendant Size: 30*41mm

Metals Type: Stainless Steel

Material: Metal

Clasp hole size is 4.5mm

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