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When people in history referenced the Viking style of combat and their brutality some likened them to Baphomet. The thing is Baphomet is seen as a contradiction to many with things seeming not as they once appeared like violent Vikings at war one minute then nonchalantly tilling their fields and playing board games the next. For the person that is a walking contradiction to many but is simply this is for you. The most prominent example to date combines almost all of Viking gender in a single burial, raising more questions than it answers. In a 10th-century chamber, grave designated Bj.581 from an urban cemetery at Birka in Sweden, an expensively dressed corpse was buried seated and surrounded by a full weapon set (which is rare), with two riding horses. In 2011, however, an osteological study suggested the buried person was actually female, and this was confirmed by genomic analysis in 2017—the deceased carried XX chromosomes. 

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