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Metal Color: photo style 1
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Length: 70cm

This stainless steel remake of thors goats comes with highly detailed heads. From the horns of both to the scripture on the block before them leading into the chain-link itself. Unlike the deities of the pantheons of other cultures, the Norse gods are not immortal; they are only unusually long-lived and owe their youth and vitality to the goddess Idunn and her magical apples. It is thought that, originally, it was Idunn herself who enabled the gods to remain young and healthy, but by the 13th century, the apple motif had been introduced and was developed by Sturluson in the Prose Edda. In the section Skáldskaparmál, Loki is abducted by a giant in the form of an eagle who will only release him if he promises to lure Idunn and her magical apples beyond the walls of Asgard. Loki does so, and Idunn is taken by the giant. The gods begin to grow old and grey, and Loki must then fly to the giant’s realm and bring the goddess and her apples back to Asgard. The best-known depiction of the gods as a mortal, however, comes from the tale of Ragnarök in which many die in a great battle.

Necklace Type: Chains Necklaces

Metals Type: Stainless Steel

Material: Metal

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