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Forged in Valhalla


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This black and gold ring imbued with Lapis most mentions to when Freya cried her golden tears. There's something to be said about the beauty of having known someone so important in your life that when taken away you become more valuable than anything ever known.


What is it about a woman so beautiful, yet so sad that she cries tears of gold, that resonates so deeply. We have all experienced sadness, and you can probably think of a time or two when that sadness has struck you down at your core. Freya weeps for her lost lover, something you to have likely experienced.

Perhaps that is the core of it, one of the most human experiences is love and loss, and if we could only cry golden tears as the Norse goddess Freya does, then perhaps we would feel more justified. Or maybe Freya represents all of our collective human loss and when she divinely weeps on our behalf how could so much love be anything but gold?


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