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The Mug is 14.5 centimeters high and equipped with a rustproof metal insert. It shows a Viking skull with axes, various signs and Thor's hammer as a handle. The jar should only be washed by hand. In Viking culture, drinking horns were a popular vessel for beer, wine, and of course mead, but unlike other cultures, like I mentioned before, they were not the gilded trophies of kings and they weren’t used in the symbolic burial of great warriors either. For the living, drinking horns were just cups, but as the traditions of the Norse people grew more vivid, possibly due to their interactions with the Greeks and Iron Celts, or possibly due to their isolation, the mysticism around mead and the horns that held it grew stronger as well. Along with their other trade skills and traditions, families would pass down drinking horns from one generation to the next. Each generation would sometimes add their own decorations and carvings as the horns were passed on, further enriching the mystique and value of the horn itself. But while this was the tradition for the living, for the dead the drinking horn was altogether different.

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600ml(20oz) capacity

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