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This fire axe has a wood handle for those that expect a certain quality from their camping equipment, The stainless steel head of the hatchet should be more than enough for daily tasks and separation of meat if required. According to the Norse comedic poem Þrymskviða, Thor once lost his legendary hammer Mjölnir, which was in fact stolen by a jötunn (a type of giant race) named Þrymr (Thrymr). This unprecedented situation led him firstly to Loki (trickster shapeshifting God) and then to Freyja; a Vanir and mother Goddess of fertility, love, beauty, magic, war and death. Freyja agrees to help Thor and Loki and lends them her cloak of falcon feathers. Using the cloak Loki flies off to the realm of Jötunheimr, where he meets up with the jötunn Thrymr sitting on a hill. The jötunn admits to stealing the mighty Mjölnir which is hidden by him eight leagues beneath the earth. Thrymr is willing to return the hammer but in return he wants to have the beautiful Freyja brought to him as his wife.

Weight: 350G

Type: Axe Head

Overall Length: 26CM/ 11inches

Handle Material: Wood

Axe Head Material: Stainless steel

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