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Metal Color: Leather Chain
Length: 70cm

Two types of axes with the wolf Fenrir or Odin's Raven. Each old a very high meaning in Norse mythology. The metal consists of stainless steel while being held by a leather rope.

The Wolf symbol carries contradictory meanings in Norse mythology. It can symbolize both the best or the worst in people. For example, the symbol can be a sign of teamwork and bravery or a sign of nature's wrath, the power that even the Gods of Asgard were no match for. 

Odin had two ravens called Muninn (meaning "memory") and Huginn (meaning "thought"). They would only leave his side to fly throughout the nine realms and gather information which they would later whisper into Odin's ear. How important the ravens are in the Norse culture can be seen from the way Odin is usually portrayed. Quite often, you will come across a work of art portraying Odin with his two ravens sitting on his shoulders.


Material: Stainless Steel 
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