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Metal Color: Mix Gold
Length: 60cm


The most valuable qualities of this Wolf were independence, family orientation, loyalty, power, bravery, and a strong desire to free himself.

Beautiful Stainless steel Wolf Pendant inspired by Fenrir. Comes with a Viking Box. The pendant background consists of Celtic knots, while the frame is the Gold wolf, Fenrir.  This product was made in stainless steel and guaranteed not to rust or leave any stains!


In Norse mythology, wolves could represent both positive and negative sides. The most popular Wolf in Norse mythology was Fenrir, the son of Loki, the Norse fraud and trickster. It was so because of its direct connection to Ragnarok. Fenrir was the most dangerous creature, and his appearance was the sign of incredible danger and horror. It was so because Fenrir was the Wolf who had swallowed Odin in the dark days of Ragnarok. There are many positive and negative features of Fenrir in Norse mythology. However, we should encounter the ones that made him a Viking symbol. 


Product Size: Variable Length
Material: Stainless Steel
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