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Ring Size: 10
Metal Color: full Silver
Ships From: United States

Tree of life ring made with stainless steel so no just or green stuff! Very Comfortable and polished to feel good.

Comes in Gold or silver, feel free to choose your favorite ones!

Yggdrasil (Tree of Life or World Tree)

Yggdrasil is the vast “ash tree” that grows out of the Well of Destiny (Urðarbrunnr).  All nine worlds or nine dimensions are entwined in its branches and its roots.  Yggdrasil, therefore, serves as a conduit or pathway between these nine dimensions that the gods might travel.  If this all seems a little difficult to imagine, you are not alone.  Remember, myth is a means for people to understand cosmic truth. 

Strong and durable like the Vikings these bracelets are meant to last.

Comes with a Viking wooden gift box!

Also USA SHIPPING! 4-10 days with Tracking!