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Stainless steel Pendant carved with the famous deer, Eikþyrnir from Norse mythology. It also has the Celtic knot on the bottom of the pendant. This pendant has a few deeper meanings behind it. 

This deer stood on the roof of Valhalla the great Hall of Odin the Allfather. This Eikþyrnir deer also nibbled the tree of an oak tree known as Laerad. 

Deer in Norse mythology might not appear many times but they possessed within themselves the divine meaning that can arouse the interest among many of us. 

Deer is known for its sensitivity and a strong intuition. Deer is the symbol of grace, gentleness, and the heart full of energy. Being gentle in deer spirit is not akin to being defenceless. It is the combination of being gentle and determined at the same time. This animal had the ability to move through obstacles with speed and vigilance. They trust their instincts and follow what their mind tells them to do. The symbol of deer suggests the resting time with nature as well. 

One cool thing to notice is the antler in Norse mythology. Not only does the antler present the deer spirit but it also symbolizes the growth of mind. This is a figurative meaning as antler is the extension part in the head of a deer. This refers to the expansions of one's mind and consciousness. Overall, deer symbolizes both the heart of energy, a mind of consciousness, and the attitude of positivity and sensitivity. 

Material: Stainless Steel 
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