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This is a resin made interpretation of a Viking dragon ship. The front is in the shape of dragon used to part the sea and double as a ramming tool for other ships. The side contain the surmised shields of Vikings used to protect them from enemy projectiles while they continue to raid and make sporadic landings. The black and wooden patterns meld together well sowing the changes Norsemen have made to keep up with their demanding raids from experience.

That evening, as the builder drove Svaðilfari out for more stone, Loki, in the guise of a mare, ran out from the woods towards the stallion and neighed at him. When Svaðilfari realized what sort of horse the mare was, he went wild with desire. He tore apart his harness and chased after the mare. The mare ran into woods with the stallion close behind, and the builder chased after the two of them, trying to catch the stallion. All night long, the three tore through the woods.

Material: Resin( HANDLE WITH CARE when you move it, drop on the floor will break easy.

Item Type: Dragon Ship

Size of style 2:19*13*10cm(including Vikings)

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