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This stainless steel incarnation of thors hammer is pelted down with craters and made to look as though it had been passed down through inheritance giving the look of importance and significance. The dwarves were a race of creatures known in many Germanic cultures, with the Old Norse referring to them as dvergr. The dwarves were short, burly creatures who lived in their underground homes and were reputed to be great metalworkers and forgers. According to the Norse poem Alvíssmál (Talk of Alvíss), Thor tricked a dwarf named Alvíss (all wise) to his doom, upon realizing that the dwarf seeks to marry his daughter. In the poem Thor meets up with a dwarf who talks about his contract with the Gods, who have promised him a bride. Thor soon finds out that the marriage Alyiss is talking about is to his daughter. Unimpressed by the groom Thor points out that the wedding agreement was made among the gods while Thor (the father) was away, and that the dwarf must seek his consent. To do so Alviss must now answer all of Thor’s questions. In a long question and answer session, Thor asks Alvíss of the earth, heaven, moon, sky, cloud, sea among others. The dwarf describes natural features as they are known in the languages of various races and gives an amount of cosmological lore. However this was all a trick of Thor to buy time and allow the sun to rise. As the sun rises Alvíss is turned into stone and Thor accomplishes his goal.

Metals Type: Stainless Steel

Chain Type: Link Chain

Pendant Size: 30*40mm

Clasp Size :3.5mm

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