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Metal Color: silver
Main Stone Color: No Box
Ships From, Length: United States, 70cm

This depiction of a lonely wolf howling on the moon is detailed generously with the crescent moon being etched out for more patterns in stainless steel. 

Hati and Sköll were two wolves, brother and sister, who ran across the sky. Hati chased the moon and Sköll went after the sun.

Each of these sources of light was personified by a chariot-driving deity. Sól, called Sunni in German, drove the sun while her brother Máni drove the moon. 

As they each went across the sky they were chased by one of the giant wolves. Every day and night Sól and Máni raced to avoid capture by the wolves at their heels.

Sköll and Hati were not the only giant wolves who threatened the gods.

Metals Type: Stainless steel

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